Anushka shetty slimming down

"Anushka is slimming down. You will see the results shortly," a close associate of Anushka tells us happily.

Anushka has put on weight heavily due to her miscalculation about gaining weight for the lead role in ‘Size Zero’. She has tried all methods to lose the flab after the release of ‘Size Zero’, but all her efforts were in vain.

But there is noticeable difference to her physique now. When asked, her associate said she has come up with another healthy method to lose the flab and the results are very positive. Even Prabhas says the same. “She gained weight for a movie but now she has lost much. You will see her back in right form. Don’t worry,” he said supporting his friend Anushka.

Rajamouli recently admitted that he had done digital corrections about Anushka’s body frame in the final part of ‘Baahubali’.


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