Stephen Belafonte accused Mel B


Stephen Belafonte seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons and once again he’s in the spotlight. The Sun revealed on Sunday that the huge fight that happened between Mel B and her then husband just before the X-Factor finale in 2014, where she turned up on stage with bruises, was because he had falsely accused her of sleeping with Simon Cowell. Mel had also missed the first night of the two-part finale, as she had to spend the night at a hospital following an overdose of pills, after an argument with Stephen.

A source tells the magazine, “Stephen’s jealousy was causing massive problems in the marriage and he was convinced something was going on between her and Simon. He did not like the fact Mel looked up to him and spoke about him a lot. He thought she was up to all sorts at the time, but accusing her of sleeping with Simon was a real low point. He couldn’t control his jealousy when she was appearing on such a high-profile show with successful people that he didn’t know. It caused arguments and led to a loss of trust. It is definitely one of the things that led to the eventual breakdown of their relationship.” of cheating


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