Actress turned down blank cheque to avoid producer’s son!

Actress turned down blank cheque to avoid producer's son!

Grapevine in Film Industry is never devoid of gossip and that too of  interesting kind, no way! So according to few anonymous but trusted and reliable sources, a heroine on the rise, who got into shape after several insensitive comments by fans and fraternity, has turned a blank cheque offer it seems. Apparently, the actress has strict rules about off the camera action, even though however liberal she might be with glamour and exposing on camera. She has been known for giving strong replies to such inappropriate advances and once again she did it seems. The actress had been approached several times by the movie team on the pretext of narration, dates and other discussions it seems. While the whole time, producer’s son was trying to flirt with her and make his intentions clear. Understanding his advances and thinking about her, the actress chose to avoid the film completely it seems. But with persistent calls and several recommendations she finally wanted to put an end to it all and met the producer. The producer offered her a blank cheque asking her fill the amount and agree to their proposal and film.  In return, the actress warned them about going to police with voice and video recording if they keep continuing to pressure her. Now, the producer has assured that there would no more harassment on her it seems. You, go GIRL!

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