Pawan kalyan to Meet chandra babu Naidu.!

Pawan kalyan to Meet chaPawan kalyan to Meet chandra babu Naidu.!ndra babu Naidu.!

Pawan Kalyan booked a meet with Chandrababu Naidu on Monday in Amaravati. It’s been a significant long that Jana Sena pioneer Pawan met Naidu, and strangely, regardless of his bustling calendar tomorrow because of the presidential decision, Naidu respected the welcome of Pawan for a meeting.

This has made a considerable measure of interest in the state, as Nandyal races are coming sooner rather than later. Over that, Jagan contracted strategist Prashant Kishor and there were bits of gossip about striving for Jana Sena organization together for YSRCP. It is being said that Prashant sent a welcome to Pawan for a union conference, which the Jana Sena pioneer won’t. Pawan’s motivation of the meeting and the season of the meet with the main party pioneer has turned into all the rage now. What has Pawan got on his plate for the Chief Minister? The puzzle would ideally be settled on Monday. How about we see what tomorrow has for us.


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