Telugu Villain Insults Tollywood


Popular for his villain roles in films like Prasthanam and recently Jyothilakshmi, actor Ajay Ghosh has carved out a name for himself. But actually, this actor is quite unhappy with Telugu film industry and media if we have to go by his comments.

Other day after attending the audio launch of the Tamil film “Tappu Tanda”, Ajay lifted Kollywood to the sky both by praising them and also insulting Telugu industry. “Due to my association with the communist party, I always wanted to work in Tamil film industry. In Telugu industry we need to act both in front of the camera and behind it. But here, the industry and Tamilians are great. I want to touch my head to the ground and bow them”, he claimed.
Also, he made bitter remarks on Telugu media for not interviewing him when his Tamil film “Visarnai” was selected by Indian Committee to be sent to Oscars. “These Tamil media people who don’t know me have called on the phone to take my interviews, but no calls from Telugu media had come. Only after I got some publicity, they too invited me for interviews” shared Ajay Ghosh.

Later his remarks turned very distasteful as he compared Telugu and Tamil auto drivers and also the Sambar cooked here and there. “When free, Tamil auto driver annas are seen reading newspapers, but there in our place, our guys are busy chewing pan. The Sambar cooked there leads to diarrhoea, while Sambar cooked in Chennai will be yummy and top notch” Ajay quipped, adding some dramatic satirical body language to his tone.

Well, to impress Tamil audiences or media, one need not insult Telugu autowalas, Telugu sambar or Telugu film industry and media. It’s high time producers and directors act big on these type of actors who never show respect for their mother-tongue but goes running after others.

At the same time, we need to find out what bad experiences promoted Ajay Ghosh to make such bitter comments filled with hatred.


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