India country Among World’s Laziest Countries

India country Among World's Laziest Countries

A current report led by Stanford University has set India among the laziest nations on the planet.

Stanford University analysts utilized stride counters introduced in cell phones to track the strolling movement of around 700,000 individuals in 46 nations, India was positioned 39th. According to the examination, Indians found the middle value of 4,297 stages per day while the Top positioned Chinese arrived at the midpoint of 6,880 stages per day.

With 4,774 stages on a normal, the Americans likewise fared superior to Indians. The laziest nation as indicated by the examination was Indonesia, where individuals arrived at the midpoint of only 3,513 stages every day.

Netizens in India have scorned this review. ‘At the point when 70% Indians live in towns, by what method can the review done just in metros be substantial for the whole nation,’ asked one. ‘On the off chance that the study had been done in towns, India would have positioned No.1 with enormous edge,’ said another Indian.

Regardless of this overview, given a decision to walk or drive, individuals of this era are wanting to drive regardless of what the separation is. Considering the developing medical problems, this mindset must be changed.


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