Indian Couple Make out Live!


About sex is usually considered a taboo in India. But apparently not anymore. There is a rise in Indian couples that are ready to stream their sex live to make quick money.
Report came into light with a complaint lodged by a wife of such couple whose sex tapes have gone viral on the internet, especially in the porn websites. The wife was not aware of the live streaming and the husband was found guilty after an investigation of six months by the cyber police. As a survey reported, porn sites are getting a lot of sex videos made by Indian couples. They even perform live and earn about 35,000 to 60,000 rupees per day. One of the couples feels there is nothing wrong in earning money in this way and said that Sunny leone is their inspiration as they consider this just as any performance but not any illegal act. In reality, making sex videos and broadcasting such them are considered punishable by the law and yet there has been no action taken on them so far as the reports say. Maybe that is what making it easier for the couples to step into this job and the money is obviously luring them toward the porn web.


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