Modi sees hung Assembly in UP


    Lucknow/New Delhi: As UP entered the last leg of the Assembly polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday spoke of a hung Assembly and made a pitch to voters to give the BJP a decisive mandate, arguing that the SP and the BSP would resort to bargaining in case of a fractured verdict.

    The BJP had got a huge mandate in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, getting 71 out of the state’s 80 parliamentary seats.

    Mr Modi said at a rally in Mau on Monday that the SP and BSP had “sensed defeat” and had thus launched “a new game plan for a fractured mandate in UP… so that they can have bargaining power”.

    Mr Modi said: “The SP and the BSP, after the third phase of polling, have realised they have no chance of winning… so they have launched a new game, a new technique… Even if we are defeated or our seats decrease, no one (else) should get a majority.”

    The PM then went on to add: “You (SP, BSP) might be thinking that in case of a hung House, you will get a chance to bargain, but the people of UP have shown you in the LS polls by ensuring a majority for the BJP, and in these elections they will ensure that the BJP wins…”

    Do not play with UP’s future, PM tells SP, BSP
    The PM said voters should give the BJP a full majority in the state so that Uttar Pradesh was hailed across the country like India was being praised across the world after the BJP got a full majority in the general election.

    Mr Modi said when he as the Prime Minister shakes hands with world leaders they see “125 crore Hindustanis” in him.

    Hitting out at the leadership of the SP and BSP, he said: “I want to tell the leaders of the SP and BSP to try whatever means they can to defeat the BJP, there is no problem with it… But do not play with the future of UP. It has suffered a lot in the past.”

    “When the polls were announced, the SP got afraid that it will not win, (so) in a hurry they went and sat in the lap of the Congress… they boarded a sinking ship. They got encouraged by media coverage and got intoxicated and thought they will befool people,” Mr Modi said.

    He then added that the people, however, know how to differentiate milk from water. Significantly Mr Modi also said that his party believes in taking its allies along even if it got a majority on its own.

    The PM said all its alliance partners would be made part of the BJP government in UP if it comes to power, even though on its own.

    “The ship of the Samajwadis has sunk… The BSP is not able to do anyhing… Bhatija (Akhilesh) is thinking how to save himself, while Bua (Mayawati) is worried (about) what bhatija has done,” he added.

    “It is not as if leaders sitting in Delhi are not aware of the situation here, but they don’t have any concern… There cannot be a bigger crime…The Congress has committed a big crime, and also the SP and BSP, and they all need to be punished,”he said.

    He warned that bahubalis will not be able to treat jails as a safe haven after March 11. “Why is it that when a bahubali goes to jail, he smiles and poses for cameras? This is because he is safe inside and can carry out his activities without getting nailed.


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