pay and stop on 85 streets in Bengaluru

bbmp,parking meters will use smart, credit or debit cards and also accept payment by cash.
parking meters will use smart, credit or debit cards and also accept payment by cash.

BBMP which is readying to reintroduce pay and park in the city, has classified the 85 roads selected for it into three categories with A being for Premium Street Parking, B for Normal Street Parking and C for merely Street Parking.

It was on April 1, 2005 that paid parking was abolished in Bengaluru owing to its rampant misuse by the parking mafia , which printed unauthorised receipts and fleeced the public even on roads where the system was not in force.

This time, the BBMP, which has set June 6 as the last date for participation in the tender for the scheme, not only plans to operate pay and park on a public- private-partnership (PPP) basis for a period of 10 years, but has also taken a number of precautions to stop if from being misused.


For one, metered stopping will be given wherever conceivable and the stopping region will be under the reconnaissance of cameras to keep vehicle criminals away.

The stopping meters will utilize brilliant, credit or platinum cards and furthermore acknowledge installment with money. Also, vehicles will be recognized through bar coded tickets or brilliant cards. In another development, which will enable drivers to hurl a sight of alleviation , the office will gloat of a portable application demonstrating the accessibility of stopping on ongoing premise and getting rid of the requirement for them to circled in circles to discover one.

The delicate archive uncovers that the concessionaire should set up the office on a Design Build Finance Operate Transfer (DBFOT) premise and the BBMP will accept a call 10 years after the fact on whether to broaden the agreement or assume control over the office.

M. N. Sreehari, movement master

A street is implied for movement and not stopping. Permitting on road stopping prompts blockage on the streets. Effectively many individuals stop their autos on the streets in the wake of getting endorsement for their building arranges with the required parking spot. Additionally, structures implied for cellar stopping are transformed into shops and courts. This equitable adds to hindering the streets.

Padmanabha Reddy, restriction pioneer in BBMP

We are against on-road stopping. The Congress restricted paid stopping to put a conclusion to the stopping mafia, which was fleecing general society. Likewise, the BBMP ought not gather an expense on the streets that are implied for the utilization of the general population.

N. S. Mukunda, general secretary, Citizen Action Forum

This is a decent activity as the vehicles will be protected and under reconnaissance. It will likewise counteract erratic stopping and clog on the streets particularly in business ranges and the focal business region.


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