Kerala man covers his face with 60,000 stinging honey bees

viral and trending, pets and environment, bees, shocking, 21-year-old said that he has a comfort level with bees and their stings are just playful bites.
He is the son of an award winning beekeeper

Being stung by a honey bee can leave individuals in unbearable torment and several honey bees on the body may appear to be ideal out of a bad dream. Yet, while a large portion of us are frightened of the very considered it, a few adrenaline junkies work with honey bees surrounding them and few proceed.

A 21-year-old from Kerala’s Thrissur has been in the news for his spine chilling tricks which includes covering his face with 60,000 honey bees. Known as Nature M.S, he is the child of honor winning beekeeper Sajayakumar, and grew up with the bugs around him.

Nature says that he can likewise carry on with his life like whatever other individual with honey bees around him as he can read and hit the dance floor with honey bees all over. He began doing such tricks at five years old and says that he doesn’t feel the sting as honey bees just energetically chomp him.

Despite the fact that it might sound terrifying, Nature says he feels great with honey bees around as he set up a bond with them at an exceptionally youthful age. Regardless of being chomped by honey bees a few times, he says he never felt torment. The honey bees likewise appear to feel the same as he says that the bond is common.

He has devoted life to preservation of honey bees and depicts the tricks as his push to bring issues to light among individuals and disperse the thought of honey bees as undermining. He is a farming understudy and would like to do a PhD on beekeeping.

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