Kerala on-screen character kidnapping HC rejects safeguard supplication, performing artist Dileep to remain in prison

Dileep was arrested for conspiracy in the abduction and molestation of a renowned Kerala actress.
Dileep being taken back to Aluva sub jail after Angamaly judicial first class magistrate court rejected his bail plea on Saturday.

Kochi: The High Court on Monday dismisses the safeguard request of performing artist Malayalam on-screen character Dileep, captured for trick in the snatching and attack of a prestigious on-screen character.

The performing artist has just served 10 days in prison and had moved toward the High Court after the Angamaly Judicial First Class Magistrate court had rejected his safeguard supplication.

The lower court had rejected the contention of the on-screen character’s guidance that there was no material confirmation to ensnare him and that the entire body of evidence against him was based on the premise of proclamation of fundamental blamed and “criminal” Sunil Kumar otherwise known as Pulsar Suni.

The indictment contradicted the safeguard supplication unequivocally saying that the examination is advancing the correct way and that permitting him safeguard at this essential crossroads would influence additional proof accumulation, including the first telephone and memory card used to record the strike of the female performing artist on February 17 last.

In any case, the SIT sources said the cops needed to question the performing artist again subsequent to capturing his chief Sunil Raj otherwise known as Appunni, who is right now sequestered from everything.

As per them, Appunni “knows excessively” and their joint cross examination would draw out the trick part.

Sources said the performer’s non-participation was not helping the case up until this point and the cops intend to address him with more proof and alongside his own side.

The police additionally expect that after allowing safeguard, the performing artist could impact witnesses and furthermore mess with the proof.

On February 17, the performer was snatched and attacked by unidentified men when she was returning home from a shoot in Ernakulam region in Kerala.

The occurrence occurred when the men halted and captured her auto close Athani in Angamaly. The on-screen character was attacked in a moving auto till they achieved Palarivattom, which is approximately 25 kms away. The charged men got down at Palarivattom and fled in another auto.

The posse likewise took video and photographs of the on-screen character while undermining her of critical results inside the running auto. The police have enrolled an instance of hijacking and attack.

A month ago, Dileep was addressed for near 13 hours after the guaranteed that he and his chief companion Nadirshah were being coerced for 1.5 crore by the criminals that incuded Pulsar Suni, the fundamental charged. On a few events, Suni was supposedly spotted on the arrangements of Dileep’s movies and the couple has allegedly known each other for quite a long time. A week ago, Pulsar Suni told columnists, “A major shark will fall,” after his second correctional facility sentence.

Police were apparently educated that Suni was paid to assault the performer. Kerela police have likewise attacked a boutique—Lakshya—claimed by Dileep’s significant other looking for criucial prove after the primary charged took the performing artist’s name in his admission.


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