Kerala: Woman cuts off private parts of “godman” who assaulted her for a few yrs

rape, sexual abuse, man's penis cut off, self-defence, child abuse, victims’ parents were followers of the Swami who belongs to an ashram in Padmana in Kollam, Kerala.
Swami, who was in a critical condition, was later admitted to the Medical College hospital

In a demonstration of self-protection, a 23-year-old lady hacked off a godman’s penis on Friday, who had been supposedly striking her sexually for quite a while.

As per a report in The NewsMinute, the denounced Sreehari false name Ganeshananda Theerthapada Swami, a 54-year-old “swami” had professedly assaulted her various circumstances since her secondary school days.

After she had conferred the demonstration, the casualty had called the Thiruvananthapuram police to advise them about her attack. She likewise admitted that she had done as such as a demonstration of retribution and in self-preservation to the swami’s activities.

The casualties’ folks were devotees of the Swami who has a place with an ashram in Padmana in Kollam, Kerala.

The report additionally expressed that Swami, who was in a basic condition, was later admitted to the Medical College doctor’s facility on Saturday around 12:30 am. The episode purportedly occurred on Friday at 11:30 pm, as indicated by the police.

“She realized that nobody would trust her on the off chance that she said she had been sexually ambushed by a godly man. Along these lines, this was maybe the main thing she could think about,” the Circle reviewer of Pettai station in Thiruvananthapuram said.

While the Medical College said in a press articulation that the blamed was out for threat, the lady has been taken to an administration protect.

The press proclamation further was cited as expressing, “A 54-year-old man from Kollam was conceded at 12.39 am to the doctor’s facility on Saturday. His penis had been cut (90%) and was hanging problematically. There was no chance it could be sewed back. Plastic specialists, who are urology specialists in the healing center, did a crisis surgery to stop the blood misfortune and to empower him to pass pee.”

As indicated by the lady, her mom was very much aware of the Swami’s demonstrations and he had over and over attacked her at home. Mindful of his entry on Friday night, the casualty is said to have kept a blade prepared to hack off his privates.

A body of evidence has been recorded enrolled against the swami under IPC segment 376 (assault) and under segments of Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO). “Case had been documented under POCSO as the attack and assault appear to have begun when she was a minor,” police were cited as saying.

Peculiarly, the young lady’s demonstration is frightfully like a Malayalam motion picture arrangement called 22 Female Kottayam where the champion obviously mutilates the legend for double-crossing her.


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