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raaga director

 Raaga — director PC Sekhar attempts to answer three simple, but pivotal questions of life in under two and a half minutes. As part of the introduction scene of his lead actor Mithra, Sekhar has roped in actors Roopika and Chandan Sharma sporting retro looks.
“This is an important scene with many layers. One aspect addresses three of life’s unanswered questions: Does god exist? Is there true love? And, does a child born to you really belong to you? The essence of these questions — that possibly every individual relates to at some level or the other — is brought forth through the characters played by Roopika and Chandan. It also highlights the plight of women, who, over centuries, have been bearing the brunt of not being able to conceive. And, if a woman does conceive and a couple feels a sense of ownership over the child, when the child grows up and leaves, they suddenly decide that the child was never theirs. I have personally put in close to 14 years of research into figuring out these intricate situations in order to put them across onscreen in the simplest way possible,” says Sekhar.
The fact that it is Mithra’s character that drives home a point in this scene makes up yet another layer. “Mithra plays a visually-impaired character. Yet, it is his vision about life that brings forth solutions that sometimes a person with vision is unable to see. He believes in an individual’s goodness being god, and that one can cross any barrier — no matter what it is, if there is true love. And all this happens seamlessly in two and a half minutes,” explains Sekhar.
That sets the stage for what one can expect would be an emotionally moving story.


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