Reservations Bill Passed in Telangana , Challenges Just Began!


Telangana Government finally achieved what it wanted with its numbers strength and by suspending BJP MLAs. The government passed the Muslims and STs Reservations Bill in the Assembly amid the din. But then, the drama has just begun as this new reservations quota will increase the reservations from the allowed 50%.

There are other complications as well. BC Commission has recommended 6% additional reservations to Muslims with their existing 4%. TRS government decided to make it 8% as per its election promise. But then, increasing Reservations beyond the BC Commission Recommendations can be challenged in the court. ST Reservations will increase by 4%. These new reservations will increase the total quota to 62%. Reservation issue will land in Center’s court as these reservations will be above the allowed quota of 50%. Center should bring it under the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution by using powers under 31 (B) of the Constitution. This section of Constitution gives powers to the center to protect the laws made by State Legislatures like in the case of Tamil Nadu. Given that, BJP State Unit has opposed this step and got suspended from the house, Center is unlikely to cooperate with the state government.


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